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Friday, October 2, 2009

What people are saying about Floodlight

FloodLight has been working with me and my business for over a year now, their expertise and professionalism is second to none. FloodLight has taken my business to a new level and has also taught me invaluable business strategies, networking skills and marketing.

Work done on my website by FloodLight has proven to be very successful in being found and first rate in rebuilding of the site. I recommend that any business using Floodlight Business Solutions Group and Donald Robichaud and his team has gained an invaluable asset to their business.

Joe Wackerbauer
Okanagan Custom Homes Ltd.
250-809-9519 cell

I started working online through the internet with Floodlight Consulting at the beginning of 2008 after being recommended by a business partner Ken Kunka of Flywheel Building Solutions.

I knew I needed some help in a few areas of my business so I engaged with Floodlight.

Floodlight has proven to be a big asset to my company by helping my business relate and speak to my clientele.

Donald Robichaud and I get together on a regular basis over the internet, as I continue to mould my vision for TLC Energy Solutions.

My business gets easier day by day as I set the path for success with the help of Floodlight Consulting. I have more confidence and my weakness have become my strengths.

It dawned on me today that after every one of our meetings I stand up, out of my office chair and do a Tiger Woods style fist pump.

Sounds silly but I do this because at the end of our meetings I feel a real sense of accomplishment and progress with TLC Energy Solutions.

Thanks again for all your Help!

Terry Laurin President
TLC Energy Solutions

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